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Release The Bats

Monday 31st October 2016

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For everyone heading to tonight’s Release The Bats, please arrive as early as possible. Entry may be slow due to a change of promoter. You should have received a new Troxy ticket or it will be available for collection at the Box Office. Only tickets with  ’Manchester Victoria Warehouse Music Team’ printed on the ticket will be valid.


Timings are as follows…

Box Office Collections 5pm
Meet and Greet Tickets 6pm
Doors 6.30pm
John Carpenter 8.15pm
Curfew 11pm


Manchester Victoria Warehouse present a Halloween Extravaganza Release The Bats and is set to be their most terrifying yet!  The Horror Master himself will be headlining the event.

This Halloween, John Carpenter will perform – live and in person – a musical retrospective of his horror soundtrack work, his debut studio album Lost Themes, plus brand new compositions.

Release The Bats will be held first at Manchester Victoria Warehouse on Saturday 29th October and then in London at Troxy on Monday 31st October 2016.  Both venues will be transformed Halloween style, and attendees are encouraged to dress up for the spooky spectacular.

John Carpenter has been responsible for much of the horror genre’s most striking soundtrack work in movies he’s both directed and scored, such as Dark Star (1974), Assault on Precinct 13 (1976), Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), Escape from New York (1981), Christine (1983), Starman (1984), Big Trouble in Little China (1986), Prince of Darkness (1987) and They Live (1988) to name a few.

The themes that drive them can be stripped to a few coldly repeating notes, take on the electrifying thunder of a rock concert, or submerge themselves into exotic, unholy miasmas. It’s work that instantly floods his fans’ musical memory with imagery of a menacing shape stalking a babysitter, a relentless wall of ghost-filled fog, lightning-fisted kung fu fighters, or a mirror holding the gateway to hell.

Composers before him had used minimalism to create terror, whether it was two piano notes for a killer shark or the stabbing strings of a mother-obsessed psychopath, but it was Halloween’s brilliantly interwoven synth melodies that truly took genre scoring to a new, more sinister level.

In February 2015, John Carpenter released his first solo record of non-soundtrack music, Lost Themes, on Sacred Bones Records, to overwhelming critical success. Recorded with his son Cody Carpenter, and his godson Daniel Davies, The Horror Master proved that not only could he perfectly score his own films — he could also score the movies in your mind.

***PLEASE NOTE This Show has now changed promoter to the Victoria Warehouse Music Team. All tickets purchased through the ATP Festival website are still valid for this event and will be dispatched by the team at Victoria Warehouse nearer to the event. Customers will be notified once their order has been dispatched.

If you have any enquiries regarding your ticket purchase and/or need to update your order information, please email:

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